The Crystal Chandelier Terms & Conditions

1. When paying your deposit you understand you are entering into an agreement between The Crystal Chandelier & yourself.

2. You have read your quote thoroughly and understand these terms;
Terms of the quotation & order - as expressed on the bottom of each quotation,
All orders are final.
No Cancellations OR Changes.
Refunds are not permitted and if an order is cancelled for any reason, all moneys paid will be forfeit. 

3. Understanding the above, you agree to the terms and conditions upon payment being made. Once this is complete, the agreement is binding.

4. As stated, if you cancel your order FOR ANY REASON, no refund of any sort will be due to you.

5. Changes may be permitted only with the expressed consent of The Crystal Chandelier. If a change is made, moneys may be due. This is at the sole discression of The Crystal Chandelier ONLY.

6. Cancellation of an order may occur by The Crystal Chandelier. These will occur if;
      a) You have not met the deadlines for print, form submission or wording acceptance. These terms are two (2) weeks prior to each booking.
      b) Your deposit payment has not been received by The Crystal Chandelier.
      c) Your remaining balance has not been received by The Crystal Chandelier.
      d) The Crystal Chandelier has made at least 3 attempts over a two week period to contact the bride and all contacts have had no reply.
In any of these circumstances, The Crystal Chandelier will notify the bride in writing (email) of what is needed.
The Crystal Chandelier will do all they can to re-book a bride in certain circumstances and where availability permits.

The Crystal Chandelier reserve full right to enforce any or all of the above.