Frequently Asked Questions 

Below are a list of questions and answers I have compiled over the years.
If your question has not been answered or you are a little unsure,
please contact me and i'll be happy to help.
The price below the invitation, does this include envelopes?
Yes - each price includes an envelope unless otherwise stated.

Is guest name printing on the invitations, addressed envelopes & rsvp envelopes printed for free?
Yes - Guest name printing is included.

Are the price of stamps included and do you post to my guests?
No - stamps are not included in the package and I do not send invitations directly to guests.

What do the insides of your invites look like? You have not displayed pictures of it.
The majority of my invitations all look the same, unless photographed otherwise. Here is a standard inner of a square invitation... {fonts and wording will differ to each bride and their requirements}


Do you ship internationally?
Absolutely, you will be quoted postage accordingly in your quotation.

Will my order arrive safely?
I pack all my orders extremely well, with tissue paper and bubble wrap if needed. The postage cost for registered will cover some insurance for your stationery where in the unlikely event it is damaged, Australia Post will cover the replacement cost. Express Postage does not have insurance and is not advised. I will never send your parcel with regular post.

Will you accept small orders?
Of course - I am here to assist all types of brides and would love to be a part of any brides happiness. 

I want to make an appointment to come and visit you.
Unfortunately, I do not have a home studio set up anymore so am not accepting appointments at this time.

Can I purchase a sample?
Absolutely! Samples are priced at the price of the invitation, postage charges + $20 sample surcharge.
Samples come with generic wording only.

Do you refund the price of my samples if I place an order?
Yes, if an order is placed the sample fee is refunded.

Can I add a pocket to the inside of my invitation?
Yes, the cost is .50c per invite.

I live in a different state, does this matter?
No, absolutely not. I have serviced brides all over Australia and worldwide, including New York, Spain, Cayman Islands and Portugal. I work with each bride through many emails to ensure she is 100% happy.

How many spare invitations should I order?
Generally 10 is ideal, this changes depending on the size of the order.
200 invites you should aim for 20-30 spare.
Spare invitations are great for forgotten guests, missing invites in the post or invites sent to the wrong address. They can also be sent to new guests if your invited guests reply they are not attending.

What are your payment options?
At the moment, direct deposit and bank transfer is my chosen method. However if required by a bride I will accept credit card payments with an additional surcharge of 2.5%.

How long after I place my order will it take to get to me?
Your stationery will need to be booked in. You will be advised current availability when you receive your quotation and your stationery will be made over this time. Generally, it will be received within two weeks after this time.

What is a Rush Orders?
Unfortunately due to outside commitments {aka my family} Rush Orders can not always be accepted. However I am happy to check and organise the best possible scenario for the bride.
If their is no current availability I will deny your order.

When should I order my stationery?
3-6 months prior to your wedding is the ideal time to make your booking.
It is ideal that you contact me at least 3 months prior to these dates to avoid rejection of an order. In other words, 6 months prior to the wedding for small or local guests, 9 months or more for destination weddings and for guests in other parts of the country & world.
I book up fast, so be quick!

If I need to alter my quote, can I?
At the beginning stages yes, please alter as many times as you need to get to the desired outcome. Once a deposit has been made to secure your booking, changes are not permitted unless otherwise discussed with me.

Can I order more? Even if you've sent my invites already.
Yes, absolutely, stock and time permitting.

I am not in love with any of your invites but love details from some of them, can I tailor an invite?
Absolutely. Contact me via email with your requirements and i'll design it for you.

I like another company's invitation, can you make it cheaper?
This is a touchy subject. I have had work stolen and also reproduced, which I am obvoulsly not happy about.
I am not in the business of stealing other company's designs, and I do not like copying or reproducing another's work. To me, it is an insult to have a bride ask for something that she wants cheaper, as you are basically telling the creator/designer that the invitation is overpriced theirfore they are being overpaid.
I can however use it as inspiration and use certain elements to achieve the look you require.

Please note it also works both ways, my designs are protected by Australian Copywrite Laws and I would not appreciate my work being taken elsewhere.
There are invitations priced from $3.95, and it is important you chose a design within your budget.

Can you print my invitation in another language?
Absolutely, the wording will need to be submitted to me in english and in your desired language in a microsoft word document.

Can you print a religious saying?
Yes, absolutely, and I have done on many occations. Religious sayings can be added to the top of your invitation wording at no cost, which i ask that you submit with your wording documentation, or on the left hand side of the invite for an additional .50c.

Can I change the colour of a ribbon or add a flower from another invitation?
Absolutely and I encourage you to tailor your invitation to your requirements! Generally colour changes are easily accepted.

Have another question or comment? make sure you contact me so I can answer it for you.